Our Approach is....


The fundamental transformative power of therapy, as of all of life, is in the connection between persons. The relationship between therapists and clients, we view, as an engaged dialogue directed toward creating a safely bonded, wise, and nurturing space for clients to grow in experienced confidence of their worth-to-others and talent-for-living.


Instructive and reparative work helps persons gain a more highly developed awareness of their inherent powers and talents for relating creatively in the world. From this awareness comes a higher sense of self and more effective access and mobilization of their capacities for dealing constructively with the problems of living.


The difficulties persons have in the present have their antecedents in patterns developed from their earliest experiences. Finishing the stuck and incomplete feelings and fears and shames of the past is essential to healthy and joyous living.


As human life is varied and there are many ways to deal effectively with human concerns, we feel it is important to offer a variety of techniques and approaches in order to be able to provide what is most useful for the unique needs of the individual, as we address emotionally painful symptoms and dysfunctional personality patterns. Some of the methods that influence our work are Cognitive, Behavioral, Object-Relations, Systems Theory, Experiential, Gestalt, EMDR, and Narrative.