Couple Communication

A Workshop to Develop Skills for Listening and Talking Effectively

As goes the communication between couples, so goes the health or dysfunction of the relationship. We communicate to give to our partners and to receive from them, to create understanding and shared purpose. Communication is about being known, being honored, about connecting, or-not. We communicate to resolve differences, negotiate possibilities, protect ourselves from diminishment and hurt, and exchange emotion and affirmation in a mutually satisfying dance. With good communication, we live well, together. Without it, we suffer, alone.

This workshop is for couples who are ready to take a serious look at their own styles of communication, both identifying their strengths and their negative patterns which lead them either to sabotage their efforts to develop a satisfying intimacy or, more severely, to hostile exchanges. It is for persons that believe within themselves, separately and together, lie untapped resources to make a close and creative life with one another-- and who wish to develop these capacities.

In this workshop you will...

  • Understand your blocks to effective communication
  • Clarify male-female differences in communication styles
  • Discover how your historic family is alive and well and living in you and your partner
  • Develop a specific "listening strategy" which can transform your relationship
  • Learn steps for resolving conflicts
  • Uncover within yourself an enhanced capacity for making heart and soul connections.

Couple Communication is an opportunity for an intimate, healing, and creative day with your partner as you learn how to be more genuinely interested in and responsive to one another. This workshop will help you to open your mind, strengthen your heart, and enhance your skills that your talking and listening may be more successful...and loving.

Saturday, January 21, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Cost: $195 Couple, $225 after January 15