Dealing with Depression

A Workshop to Enable You Better to Understand Depression
...and How More Effectively to Deal with It

Being depressed makes for hard living. Hard for the persons depressed; hard for the persons who are around them and who care about the. Depression is more than the blues, or the common feeling of being "down" That can come to us in the course of disappointments and losses that make up ordinary experience. Depression is more insidious and pervasive. It grabs and stifles; it settles and forgets to make an exit; it often begins as a response to loss, but remains after the loss, itself, has become a faint memory.

The symptoms of depression are a veritable list of life's most undesirable possibilities: gloominess, a painfully low self esteem, pervasive sadness, depleted energy, inability to enjoy anything, absence of interest and satisfactions; an overall sense of helplessness; intense feelings of guilt and shame; believing everything is one's own fault; sleeping too little or too much; eating too little or too much; decreased sexual drive; feeling life has lost meaning, contemplating or acting upon suicidal thoughts.

Depression is our body-mind's signal that something ha gone wrong. It is the psychic pain that tells us our organism is out of whack. Taking our feelings of depression seriously, we begin to see that there are areas of our life which we must address if we are to return to lively and effective living. Knowledge of the factors that make our depression will yield understanding of our values, involvements, ideas and sense of person power. Developing an understanding of depression can enable us properly to balance work we need to do in healing our brain and in healing our mind.

In this workshop Bob Caldwell will discuss the causes and the cures for depression. You will have the opportunity to gain understanding of the role depression plays in your life. You will gain insights and learn techniques for dealing with depression--on your own, with the help of family and friends, or, if needed, from professionals. The format will include brief lecture, discussion, guided self-evaluations and structured experiences.

Dates to be announced.