Confronting Hidden Issues in Relationships

A Workshop to learn how to make the dynamic themes, Care, Respect, Interest, Play, Attention, and Power, work for--not against--your relationship.

Money, sex, in-laws, children, vacations--these are explicit issues in relationships. Driving the difficulties we have in negotiating problems related to these issues are the deeper themes of relationships: Care, Respect, Interest, Play, Attention, and Power. "Confronting the Hidden Issues..." is a program for persons who want to enhance their capacities and skills for creating loving relationships by learning to confront, with awareness and understanding, the relationship themes which dwell beneath surface issues.

Being in a committed relationship can be painful, bewildering, consuming, rewarding, wondrous. We want our partners to share creatively life's experiences of loss, loneliness, desire, excitement and hope. If our relationship is good, we want it better; if our relationship is pained or damaged, we want repair and renewal. We yearn for lively and permanent bonding--but upsets, disappointments, misunderstandings, divergent interests, different values, and betrayals threaten our intentions. What is going on? We are thoughtful, well intentioned persons who loved our partners and had high dreams of our life together. Why does our experience repeatedly come short of our expectations? Why does our attitudes so often fail to be positive or loving?

In this workshop Bob Caldwell will identify and discuss how the hidden themes of relationships spawn the invisible saboteurs which cause so much pain and alienation. He will offer specific insights and skills for turning the hidden dynamics of relationships to our advantage. Everyone has the potential to make his or her relationship more successful, nourishing, joyful and long lasting. The focus is on what you, both as an individual and as a couple, can be and do to empower your relationship, to make your love work.

In this workshop you will....

  • Understand better your motives and yearnings in your relationship
  • Become more aware of the differences between explicit problems (symptoms) in your
  • relationship struggle and hidden processes that drive your attitudes and behaviors
  • Enlarge your capacity to be honest with yourself and with your partner
  • Learn to see your part in any relationship difficulties
  • Experience a new power by learning to move from accusation to self-responsibility
  • Enhance your capacities for intimacy and passion by better engaging issues of the heart
  • Develop the ultimate power in relationships--the ability to accept your partner as he or she is

Dates to be announced.